Community Partners

Doc Wayne Youth Services Inc Logo | Curtis Guild Elementary

Doc Wayne

Doc Wayne is an award-winning nonprofit reimagining therapy through the lens of sport. Using an evidence-informed curriculum, which incorporates social-emotional learning and life skills, our team supports students as they grow into resilient leaders and learners. Over time, as individuals and in teams, they learn to heal together, grow together, and win together. Doc Wayne works with our students during recess, group therapy and individual therapy.

Salesians Boys & Girls Club | Curtis Guild Elementary School

Salesians Boys & Girls Club

Salesians Boys & Girls Club provides many of our Guild Gators with after school academic support and enrichment opportunities that include art, science, athletics and more.

Boston Children's Chorus (BCC) | Music Enrichment Opportunities for Kids in Boston | Curtis Guild Elementary

Boston Children's Chorus (BCC)

The BCC has partnered with The Guild to support various music enrichment opportunities including: weekly classes, small group instrument lessons and community performances.